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Where everything you thought you knew about social networking and marketing your small business will change.

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Imagine if you will...

a local newspaper, magazine, or ANY advertising company offering you a NO COST opportunity to try them out for 90 days (3 months) to see if their advertising media and strategies can make a difference in your ability to attract customers. Imagine if they gave you all the tools and training you needed to help you market your business while all the time standing by, ready for your call if and when you needed them. Giving you enough time to test the product and measure the REAL LIFE results before you pay anything.

Well... no need to imagine, because the opportunity to get all of that and more has arrived! Welcome to the future of social networking and small business marketing.

Welcome to My City Connected

My City Connected

For less than $100 a month your small business or startup will have access to not some, but ALL THE TOOLS & TRAINING you'll need to successfully handle ALL of your online marketing activities. My City Connected levels the playing field when it comes to local marketing and here is your chance to become a part of a revolution that is sure to make a lasting difference in how you attract, communicate with, and maintain your customer and client base.

The Northern Florida Initiative

In 2018, My City Connected will begin its beta testing phase in several communities in and around the Jacksonville Flordia (Duval, Nassau, Clay and St. Johns County) areas.This testing phase will last for a period of 90 days during which time small businesses in these communities will have the opportunity to receive free training and advertisiments for their business targeted at their local community.

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