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Who We Are


Every city has the potential to be a playground instead of a battlefield. A community full of growth, opportunity, safety, love and joy. Leaders and organizations all over the world are working to achieve this vision in their cities through social and spiritual renewal. Leadership Foundations discovers these leaders, develops their skills sets, and empowers them to be more effective. By cultivating better leaders, we create better cities and a better world. Leadership Foundations is a global network of Local Leadership Foundations (LLFs), organizations working to transform the cities in which they operate. Every LLF approaches this mission in a unique way according to their abilities and their city’s needs. Leadership Foundations equips each LLF to achieve their purpose more effectively by introducing them to our methodology and equipping them through a variety of key services.




To change our streets from battlegrounds to playgrounds. (Zechariah 8.4-5)




To Transform lives and transform communities by connecting leaders of good will and good faith.




The Incarnation form and informs Leadership Foundations motivation, message, and method. This results in the following values which we believe support the work of creating change for a better world.

  • Community and Trust: The Incarnation calls forth and sustains its work through community; true community engenders trust that develops into social capital when both individuals and the community are valued. Leadership Foundations develop the social capital among its membership and partners.
  • Generosity and Creativity: The Incarnation empowers organizations to be generative through the exercise of our God-given imagination, creativity, and effort. Leadership Foundations’ members commit to generously giving to each and our partners by exercising gifts, talents, and resources.
  • Recovery-Spirituality and Humor: The Incarnation prepares us to accept our brokenness and to be sustained for the work we do through joy and laughter. Leadership Foundations’ members commit to live and laugh in transparent and vulnerable ways.
  • People and Places: The Incarnation connects one to physical place and staying in place moves leaders to sustainable solutions that are uniquely calibrated to the needs of the people of that place. Leadership Foundations commits itself to staying in places with people for the duration.
  • Getting Things Done:The Incarnation moves one to action delivering on ideas in accessible, affordable, and relevant ways to communities in need. Leadership Foundations commits to delivering on its promises in a manner that is consistent with its values and the needs of those we exist to serve.
  • Leadership that Serves: The Incarnation sees others first thereby engendering trust and participation. Leadership Foundations is committed to empowering and resourcing individuals and communities through leadership as servant-hood.
  • Relationships that Bridge: The Incarnation creates reconciliation that leads to vital relationships that are intentionally inclusive beyond cultural, ethnic, social, economic, and religious boundaries. Leadership Foundations is committed to collaborating with all leaders of good faith and good will who believe in reconciliation.
  • The Vulnerable: The Incarnation lifts up those on the margins (the poor, widows, migrants, unemployed, prisoners, victims, etc.) who for a variety of reasons find themselves on the boundary of society. Leadership Foundations is committed to working with those on the margins in every venture and activity we undertake.
  • The Whole Church: The Incarnation celebrates and commits to the Church and her organic unity and, at the same time, many-faceted expression that is found in a diversity of geography, ethnicity, theology, and practice. Leadership Foundations commits to Christ’s vision for the city which requires the participation of the whole body.
  • The Third Way: The Incarnation creates alternatives or what can be described as a third way in a dichotomous world where often only either/or scenarios are imagined. Leadership Foundations commits to the third way to bring together what are often seen as opposing sectors or groups in a community and mobilizes them around a common vision, mission, and set of values.


What we do

What we do - fclfjax

CREDI - Mentor, tutor, education, juvenile delinquency, martial arts, and job training.

Disaster Relief - We assist local, state and national organizations in disaster relief as part of the United Nations Chaplaincy.

Housing Development - Affordable Housing Program and referral services.

Nehemiah Family Life Center - Work with absentee fathers, family and substance abuse. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies and Girl Scouts

Returning Citizens Program - Temporary shelter, job placement, cure the violence, and referral services.

Voter Registration Program - Register people to vote.

Where we work

First Coast Leadership Foundation



Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners - fclfjax

STRATEGIC PARTNERS: Department of Justice, Austin Christian Vocational Academy, Duval County Public Schools, Faith and Business Organizations, McGhee Heartfelt Ministries. MSMBC and Schell Sweet Community Center

WHO WE WORK WITH: Business, faith, and other non-profits. We help build capacity if requested to assist Non-profits and individuals of good will and good faith.