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Welcome to the EVOLUTION

About My City Connected

Welcome to the evolution of social networking

The My City Connected Social Networking Platform is the result of more than 10 years of research, experimentation, trial and error, and a sincere dedication to the simple art of listening.

For more than 10 years we've been listening. Listening to users around the world tell us what they believe makes for the perfect social networking experience. For 10 years we've been watching the digital world of social interactions; focusing on its problems and working diligently to seek out and develop solutions.

Although it is never wise to claim perfection, and we do not, we believe that the My City Connected Social Networking platform just might be... the most socially conscious evolution of the social networking experience available at this time in human history. BUT... that's for you to decide.

Join now for free and check out what My City Connected has to offer, or take your time and continue to explore the landing page menu to find out more about the platform built for you.

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The Experience

My City Connected was built with the primary objective of being a place where people could not only socialize and share, but involved themselves in a variety of activities designed to make a positive difference in the lives of its users socially, economically, and academically.

The Social Experience

Shopping, Selling, Sharing, Creating, Building, Blogging and Branding are just a few of the things you can do on My City Connected. My City Connected was built to be your ONE-STOP SHOP for anything and everything you do online. From chatting with your friends to starting your own business, we provide the tools to do it all. Combine all of that with a multi-level security and membership system that virtually eliminate trolls and spam. Our members enjoy advertisment free feeds and have the ability to sort and organize their content in unlimited ways. Below is a list of SOME OF THE MOST REQUESTED FEATURES My City Connected offers.

  • No Sharing or Selling of your personal information
  • Single Page Privacy Settings
  • Ad Free Feeds
  • Member Verification
  • Multiple Network Sharing
  • 100% Friends & Fans Reach
  • User Rewards
  • Private (Password Protected) Photo Galleries
  • Private (Password Protected) Video Libraries
  • Ability to Sell Items
  • No Fee Event Ticket Selling
  • Community Classifieds
  • Community Forums
  • Blogging
  • Job Board
  • Professionals Directory
  • Audio/Video and Text Chat
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Broadcasting

Economic Opportunities

My City Connected offers several features that allow its members to improve their lives economically. From simply selling items in the Community Classifieds to starting a fully functional online store that compares with the best you can find online. Verified Members can go all out and open a fully functioning ecommerce store (with EVERYTHING the best ecommerce platforms offer) FREE for 3 months. In addition to that, My City Connected also offers its users a variety of ways to save money by shopping in the MCC Marketplace. Below is a short list of things our members can do to make and/or save money. NOTE: You must be a verified member or above to take advantage of the opportunities listed below.

  • Open a store in The Marketplace
  • Sell items in the Community Classifieds
  • Sell tickets to your events (Commission Free)
  • Host Seminars
  • Crowd Fund (Commission Free)
  • Find Jobs
  • Create and Post Resumes
  • Sell Real Estate (For Sale By Owner)
  • Become a My City Connected Local Representative
  • * Earn MCC Credits
  • MCC Daily Deals

* MCC Credits are earned by Free Members also, however, Verified Members earn twice as much as Free Members.

Educational Opportunities

At My City Connected we believe that education is, by far, the most valuable asset any human being can possess because without it... opportunities to live the best life possible are drastically reduced. We believe in free education, but we also understand the impossibility of such a thing in this modern world. Someone has to pay for it somewhere down the line. During the past 10 years as we've contemplated this issue, we have discovered there is a way. A way to provide quality education from the kindergarten level all the way up to a master’s degree for everyone and anyone for less than $1 a month.

Scheduled to launch in the Summer of 2020 (if not sooner) My City Connected will be announcing the grand opening of MCC-EDU. My City Connected's Educational Department is a section of the My City Connected platform where Verified Members (paying .99 cents per month) will be able to better their lives through education in a variety of academic and technical fields. Our students will receive diplomas and certifications that we guarantee you will be able to present to any employer with pride and confidence. What about accreditation you say? Remember, we've been working on this for more than 10 years. We've got that covered!

Become a member today and keep up to date on our progress. Find out more about how we are going to accomplish this and help us get there faster by becoming a Verified Member today at .99 cents a month. Take advantage of the opportunities we offer while helping us eliminate the existence of the term "Student Debt" in the United States and around the world.

Special Features

What makes us different?

In addition to the fact that the My City Connected social networking platform does not conform to the traditional advertisement supported business model of other networks, My City Connected hosts more than a dozen features you will not find on any other major network. Here are just a few.

The News Feed
See what you want to see and nothing more. On the My City Connected platform Verified Members have 100% control over what comes through their news feed. The only advertisements our users see coming through their news feed are those from business pages they have chosen to like and/or follow.
Sure, there are a ton of places online where you can blog, including building your own WordPress Site, but why do that when you can place your writings where people are going to actually see it? Blogging on My City Connected is easy, you can share it with all your friends immediately and across multiple networks AND... if you pull in enough fans/regular readers... we'll sponsor you! That's right, we'll pay you to keep blogging!
MCC Credits
Nearly everything you do on the My City Connected platform comes with a reward. Every time you make a comment, like or share a post, article, product, service, video, image, and more... you earn MCC credits. What are these credits good for? REAL DOLLAR VALUE exchange in the MCC Marketplace. (1 credit = .01 cents / 100 credits = $1.00) Participating vendors can exchange products and services for credits at real dollar value and they will. Why? Because MCC credits are the only currency you can use to buy advertisements on the My City Connected platform. NOTE: Advertisements are only displayed in high traffic areas like the Marketplace, Blogs, Community Classifieds, and Events.
Business Opportunities
Starting a business can be expensive even if it’s an online business. Website construction and signing up for a variety of services like email marketing and shopping cart hosts can take the fun out of everything and a chunk out of the budget. My City Connected offers Verified Members the opportunity to start their own online business with everything they need to go live and start selling. If you have a product or service and all you need is a place to sell it, we've got you covered free of charge for the 1st 90 days. No credit or debit card auto charges and no obligation. You choose what you want to do at the end of the 90 days. Stay and pay less than $100 a month (for what you would be paying more than $500 a month EVERYWHERE else on line) or close your store and owe nothing.
Small Business Marketing
When used correctly, My City Connected has the potential to cut the marketing budgets of small business owners by more than half! By eliminating many of the tools they are forced to use today and concentrating and consolidating their marketing efforts, the need for outside marketing expenses can be completely eliminated.
Video Libraries
Save all of your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and other websites all in a single location. Make your library public or private. Every video you post with a link via the video posting feature is automatically added to your collection. You can categorize them and sort them into playlists. Imagine the quick reference video library you could build for yourself in just one day. Keep them private or share them with your friends, family and colleagues.

These are just a few examples of what makes the My City Connected platform different from anything you've ever experienced before. To find out what else sets us apart, JOIN TODAY and come take part in the Evolution of Social Networking.


Something For Everyone

Every new member begins at the Free Membership level. Regardless of whether you choose a Regular, Business or Non-Profit profile. This gives you the opportunity to check out the site, explore its features and participate in activities. From there you have the option of upgrading to Verified Membership or becoming a full on Business or Non-Profit Member. The features and benefits of each membership level are detailed below.

Free Membership


Free membership provides the user with nearly everything they might have at their disposal on other social networks. Free members have the ability to post, comment, like, share, make friends, text chat, create video libraries, join groups and clubs, read blogs, and shop. Free members even earn credits that can be used to save time and money in the MCC Marketplace. For those looking to simply use the platform to shop, share and socialize with ease... the free membership will work just fine.

FREE MEMBERS ARE RESTRICTED FROM creating groups and clubs, writing blogs, promoting events, operating stores, selling items, and/or anything that gives them the ability to use the platform to organize and gather large groups of people outside of their immediate circle of friends. Although free members are allowed to shop, free members are strictly prohibited from using the My City Connected platform to sell anything to anyone.

Verified Membership

.99 cents a month
Verified members have full access to all the powerful features and benefits My City Connected has to offer for only .99 cents a month. (That's less than a pack of gum in many places.) Verified Members can audio and video chat, write their own blogs, sell items in the Community Classifieds, start and run groups and clubs, promote events, sell tickets to their events (commission free), create resumes, apply for jobs, open your own store free of charge for 3 months! Verified Members earn 2x the amount of MCC Credits as free members and let's not forget... Verified Members will soon be able to choose from hundreds of educational courses of which they will be able to receive certifications and diplomas. Being a Verified Member on My City Connected is a no brainer for someone looking to turn their social networking time into something positive and productive. The benefits are endless. JOIN NOW to find out what else Verified Members can do on My City Connected.

Business Membership

$99 per month
Business Members are encouraged to start out as Verified Members so that they may take advantage of 90 days of FULL Business Membership benefits (excluding the ability to use credits to purchase site advertisements). For our Business Members there is no need to ever "Boost" a post. Every post you make is sent through the feed of EVERY user that has liked your page. In addition, Business Members have the ability to message ALL of their fans with a single click at any time. (Up to 5,000 fans. An additional .01 cents per fan is charged after reaching 5,000.) This feature alone can eliminate the need for the costly email messaging systems and throw away print material, potentially saving the small business owner THOUSANDS in marketing and advertising costs.

Each Business Member is assigned a local My City Connected representative whom they can call, text, and email at any time for assistance. If that's not enough, My City Connected Business Members can use MCC Credits to advertise on the My City Connected platform and are invited to attend all MCC events where they can set up booths and/or tables to share and sell their products and services at no cost. To find out what other benefits await our Business Members, JOIN TODAY at the Verified Membership level and check it out!

Non-Profit Membership

$89 per month
Non-Profit members receive all the same benefits as the Business member at a discounted rate. Please see Business Membership above for details.


If you have any questions that you would like answered before you join us inside, just click the button below and you will be redirected to the platform contact page where you can send your message!

My City Connected

the future.