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Community, Communication & Cooperation. - That's what it's all about!

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Social Networking with a purpose.

What do you do on your favorite social networking site? If you're like most people you use social networking for entertainment, news, and staying in touch with your friends and family. Some of you use social networking to promote your businesses, charities and other causes.

What if you could use your favorite social networking platform to do everything you're doing now in addition to starting and operating an online business, creating and promoting your blog, holding business meetings, promoting events, selling tickets and even going to school?

Easy to Use
Network Connected
safe & secure

My City Connected is filled with unlimited possibilities.

My City Connected
has it all

From basic social networking with family and friends to starting a business, writing a blog, multiplatform sharing, and in the year 2020... you'll even be able to go to school right here!

Money Making Opportunities

Have an existing buisness? Looking to start a business? My City Connected contains the most affordable, full featured marketplace available ANYWHERE on the web AND... a community classifieds that puts all the others to shame.

Safe & Secure Environment

My City Connected goes above and beyond when it comes to creating a safe environment for our users. Through implimentation of the most advanced security features such as... mobile login verification and verified membership levels.


In addition to the forums, meeting rooms, groups/clubs and social feeds, on the My City Connected platform our members can text chat, video chat, audio chat, video broadcast and MORE!

*Progressive Web Applications

Get the full app experience WITHOUT the invasion of your privacy or the highjacking of your device's resources. My City Connected's Progressive Web Application (PWA) makes this possible across all mobile devices.

Advanced Social Network

Any post you make or come across can be shared across multiple networks with a single click. While creating your post on My City Connected choose whether or not you'd also like to share it with Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn at the same time!

Community, Communication &

That's what it's all about here on the My City Connected platform. We understand that in order to have a successful platform that makes a difference in the lives of its users, a strong sense of community, receptive communications and cooperation are the key to its success.