Welcome to the FUTURE

of Social Networking & Small Business Marketing!

In the Spring of 2018 Our Users Will Have It Their Way & Some!

Unlike many social networks, My City Connected not only offers its users a more safe and secure space where they can do just about anything an individual can think of doing on line; our users have the ability to shop, sell, share, socialize, blog, chat, organize, promote, earn valuable "Cash Value" credits and much more! All while helping us to accomplish our ultimate goal of providing FREE EDUCATIONAL opportunities to as many people as we can. We call it Social Networking with a Purpose!

The Countdown has Begun


The Marketplace

Shop locally from your computer, tablet or mobile device in your city's largest mall.

Community Classifieds

Sell the things you no longer want or need. Find out what your neighbors have to offer.

Advanced Social Sharing

Share your content and other public content across multiple networks with a single click! Share it again... if you like... to more networks than you'll ever have time to join.(200+)

Groups & Clubs

Join or start a group or club and experience first hand the best online communications tools to help you along the way!

Advanced Photo Albums

Create private and/or public albums with all your favorite photos. Enter our Photo of the Week contest and win valuable prizes!


Share your thoughts with the world. Blog about it! Build an audience of 5000 or more and we'll provide you with a sponsor and income for your efforts!

Earn Cash Value Credits

Nearly everything you do on the My City Connected platform earns you virtual credits that have real dollar value. Use them when shopping in the Marketplace.


Find events near you. Promote your own events with text, audio, and video. Take it a step further and buy or sell tickets cheaper than anywhere else on line!

Community Forums

Start and/or join a forum. Come together with other "Verified" community members to share, learn, grow, and make things happen!

Jobs Board

Where local business members post HELP WANTED ads for the community to review and apply for.

Meeting/Chat Rooms

The perfect place to meet; with video broadcasting, audio conferencing, text and one on one chat.

Real Estate Listings

Find homes and apartments for sale and for rent near you. Seek out an agent or a "For Sale by Owner".

Advanced Video Space

Post and share your favorite on-line videos. Create and save your own play lists and libraries. Make them public or private.

Crowd Funding (Coming Soon)

Have a project or idea you believe others will support? Put it to the test and start your own crowdfunding campaign. Great for non-profit fund raising!

MCC-EDU (Coming Soon)

Get ready to get educated! Say YES to education, no to Student Debt!.

Small Business Owners

Imagine having the ability to conduct ALL of your online business tasks on a single platform while saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in marketing costs.

  • Build an online store/page/website and groups with simple drag and drop technology.
  • Communicate with your clients and customers via text, audio, video chat and blogs.
  • Share your info across multiple networks with a single click!
  • Create and distribute coupons, deals and other specials.
  • Send out email notifications to ALL your fans and followers.

Maintain your privacy and save storage space with our apps!

Get the full app experience WITHOUT the invasion of your privacy or the highjacking of your device's resources. My City Connected's Progressive Web Application (PWA) makes this possible across all mobile devices that can access the web. Just visit our site, follow the simple instructions to "add to home screen" and you're done.

In addition to the above... My CIty Connected doesn't have just one app, but one for every community. My City Connected apps make it possible for local business to reach out to their communities without having to fight the big boys for attention!.

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