My City Connected Marketplace 


Social Networking Tools

Post your products and services on the My City Connected platform and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a single click. Take it a step further and continue your sharing across more than 50 networks across the web with our advanced sharing tools.

Reports, Graphs and Statistics

Keep track of your store's progress with built in sales reports, statistics and graphs. My City Connected allows you to produce Product Sales Statistics, Sales Graph Statistics, Sales reports and more based on time periods you choose. ie. daily, weekly, monthly, anually.

Credits Based Advertising

As a general rule you can't buy advertisement on My City Connected, but your fans can buy it for you. Reach your target audience and spend up to 90% less than you would spend ANYWHERE by using My City Connected Advertisement modules positioned throughout the site.  ***Store owners offer "Cash Value Deals" to site users in exchange for their hard earned credits. These credits can then be used to purchase advertisement on the platform. (1 credit = .01 cents / 1000 credits = $10)

***Store owners can earn up to 100 credits per day for their activities on the site.

Notifications / Mass Email Communications

None of your regular posts are blocked or filtered. ALL members who like your store will have your posts pass through their feed. In addition to this, store owners have the ability to "Send an Update " to ALL of their fans/likes and this update will be distributed to everyone of their fans. Doesn't matter if you have 100 or 10,000. You can keep in touch with them all!

Product/Service Management Tools

Manage your products and services, manage store section, manage orders, shipping methods, taxes, and all transactions. The My City Connected Marketplace provides store owners with EVERYTHING you need to run a fully funtional ecommerce store with ALL the bells and whistles! This includes hands on classroom training conducted locally with your own certified representative.

Customizable Apps

Need a form with drop down boxes, single line text input, multi-line text input, select boxes, radio buttons, etc.. How about promotional tools such as coupons, videos, events, photos, badges for posting on other sites? Your My City Connected Marketplace store gives you all of that and more.

Local Mobile App Listings

In every community My City Connected does business, we provide Progressive Web Apps. These apps focus on helping local businesses reach out to their local communities with their products, services and sales. My City Connected Business Members have the ability to create listings and sales advertisements in these apps at no extra charge. Post a sale, update or daily deal into your local app and it goes live immediately.

Local Representatives

The problem with most "local" web marketing companies is that there really isn't anything local about them other than the geolocation technology and the name. My City Connected offers hands on, local community representatives that conduct training classes, seminars and work directly with you, face to face when and if you require them. All this is included in your monthly fee.


($99 per month after you've been operating for 3 months at .99 cents per month).

With everything the My City Connected platform offers the small business owner, you'd be hard pressed to find anything comparible on the web or anywhere else. Our Marketplace has all the features of the biggest brand ecommerce sites out there; sites that and in many cases costs up to 75% more. When you consider all the extras My City Connected provides that other platforms do not... the decision to go with our Marketplace just makes good business sense.