FAQs for Backers

How can I find interesting projects that I may want to support?

(a) Go to the ‘Browse Projects’ page.
(b) Enter your key words in the search form.
(c) You will then see a list of projects related to the key words you entered in the search form.

How can I back a project?

(a) Back Button: Click on back button and you will be re-directed to the page with all the list of rewards and an option offered if you choose to back the project.
(b) Reward Selection: Choose the reward listed on the project profile page and you will be redirected to the page where that reward is pre-selected.

Next step is to fill your delivery address and pay for the back amount using available payment options.

Can I back a project more than once?
Yes, you can back a project as many times as you like.

How can I contact the Project Owner for any questions related to his/her project?
You can click on the ‘Contact Me’ button on the project profile page to contact the Project Owner for any questions related to their project.

Is it possible to get refund of the amount I have backed for a project?
Refunds are entirely dependent on the project owner. If you wish to request a refund, please contact project owner. Also, the project's refund policy should be listed in the project's description. Projects will not be approved that do not clearly state their refund policy.

Do I get notified if a project I have backed succeeds or not?
Yes, you will be notified about the success and/or failure of the project which you have backed.

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?
This depends entirely on you. You have the option to make your contribution anonymous during the backing process.

How can I know in detail about the project owner?
You can see the full biography of the project owner by clicking on the ‘Full Bio’ button present on the project profile page.

Where can I keep track of my backed details related to various projects?
You can keep track of your backed details related to various projects from ‘My Projects’ section. You can also print invoices of the backing details from here.

Will I receive an invoice for my backed amount?
Yes, you will receive an invoice for your backed amount to your registered email address. You can also print an invoice of the backing details from ‘My Projects’ section.

How do I know when rewards for a project will be delivered?
Projects have an Estimated Delivery Date under each reward on the project page. This date is entered by the project owners as their best guess for delivery to backers.

I haven't gotten my reward yet. What do I do?
The first step is checking the Estimated Delivery Date on the project page. Backing a project is different from ordering a product online, and sometimes projects are in the very early stages when they are funded. If the Estimated Delivery Date has passed, check for project updates that may explain what has happened. Sometimes project owners hit unexpected roadblocks, or simply underestimate how much work it takes to complete a project. Project owners are expected to communicate these setbacks when they happen. If the project owner hasn’t posted any update, send them a direct message to request more information about their progress, or post a public comment on their project asking for a status update.